We streamline the shipment and delivery of goods across geographical borders, alleviating the stress of dealing with customs officials and shipping regulations so that our customers can spend more time on what they are good at  — managing the core of their business.

Services and Features

  • Importer Security Filing (ISF)
  • HTS Classification Line Reviews
  • Binding Rulings
  • Partner Government Agency (PGA or OGA)
  • Customs Entry Releases
  • Drawback
  • Import Regulatory Compliance Including
    • Post Entry Services
    • Customs Bond
    • Trade Agreements
    • ACH and PM
  • Customs Consulting

The general public is often unaware of the sheer magnitude of goods and raw materials that cross international borders every single day and what is involved in clearing these goods through international customs. Each country operates under different sets of rules and regulations. These regulations change almost on a daily basis all over the world. We are your translators, communicating with agencies and government officials throughout the shipping process to ensure that all the proper procedures are followed, keeping our customers’ costs at a minimum.

Important Documentation and Resources

With ACH Debit, the payer transmits payment authorization to CBP, and CBP sends the payment information through the network to the payer’s financial institution.

The CBP Form 5106 is the form used to create or update importers’ unique identification information within CBP’s systems, per 19 CFR 24.5. CBP is currently in the process of revising the form and incorporating those changes into ACE and will post information about the updates being made to the 5106 on this webpage.

The continuous bond is a form of customs bond that is good for a nearly unlimited number of import shipments within 1 year from activation; the bond is serves as insurance for the Federal government that they will get paid for all duties in case the importer defaults. One off shipments require a Single Entry Bond

Customs Power of Attorney (POA) grants the authority of the customs broker to act on the behalf of the Importer in filing customs security filings (ISF) and Entry Declarations with CBP

Information from US Customs and Border protection regarding trade and border security.

Access to the record-keeping requirements regulated by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

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