At Fast Track we have decades of experience in the fashion industry. We are keenly aware that speed and cost efficiency are critical to the fashion business and underscore the importance of a well-run supply chain.

Services and Features

  • Robust PO Management & Shipment Tracking Tools
  • LCL, FCL, Air Freight Services
  • Wide Range of Carrier/Service Options
  • Garment on Hanger Capability
  • VAS (pick and pack, labeling, tagging)
  • E-Commerce Specialists
  • Buyers Consolidation
  • Landed Cost Analysis/Unit Cost Management
  • Container Utilization Tools

Fast Track management team has decades of experience designing logistics solutions for clients in the fashion industry. We understand the critical nature of getting goods to your clients and offer services that cater to this end. Whether it’s a stock order needing the most cost effective solution or a boutique client that needs specialized or expedited solutions, we have it covered.

Our company infrastructure, from our office locations to our flatly organized management structure caters to fast, efficient decision making and clear communication. We work with each client to ensure the needed shipping options are in place to avoid unnecessary delays.

Our experienced customs brokerage team also minds the customs entry process with hawkish precision, ensuring that the important details and nuances surrounding proper classification are adhered to.

When there are changes in the industry surrounding freight or customs, we keep our clients well informed. We know our clients don’t like surprises, nor do we.

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