Choosing the right 3PL service provider for your hospitality and retail display project is vital to the success of your business. We work closely with you to find the best options because we take the time to understand your precise needs.

Services and Features

  • 20+ experience in handling hospitality and retail infrastructure projects
  • Project management tools to provide clients with end to end visibility
  • Carefully and custom designed logistics plans
  • Detailed landed cost analysis
  • Flexibility to respond to changes
  • 24×7 access to project planners and management

Whether it’s a project to supply store fittings and fixtures for a retail chain or furnishings for a hotel chain expansion or remodel, Fast Track Logistics is uniquely qualified to deliver.  We have handled many projects of various sizes and scope over the past 20 years.  Our trained professionals bring a wealth of experience to these projects adding tremendous value.

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